Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Just plain ink

I don't have any big deadlines or shows coming up, so I've been putzing around on a few random things here and there. I just finished this ink piece and it was really nice to work with a pen on something I never had any intention of coloring. Don't get me wrong, I love painting, but I also really love the level on control that a pen affords.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A few pictures from my trip

Cloud forest after a very vertical hike.
Really ugly duck. We asked the owners why they kept them (they're grumpy and not tasty), and they said, "For breeding," and then we asked, "Er, but why would you want more?" And they didn't really have a good answer. They wiggle their butts when they're aggressive.
These swimming holes are pools formed by a hydroelectric dam, I just jumped off the waterfall, you can kinda see my feet sticking out of the water.
Bill and me drenched after trekking through waterfalls.

Sketchy suspension bridge. We met a vietnam vet here who was driving an old 1940's jeep, he had a bottle opener mounted on the dashboard of his card and even though it was maybe 11 in the morning, he was too drunk to open his beer. Funny man.
Little doggie topiary sculpture!
These swimming holes are connected by a series of tunnels, you can move in between two different waterfalls by wading through neck high water, and there are a few points where you have to go completely underwater and have faith that there will be enough head space to breath on the other side. Apparently someone dies every handful of years because they go down the wrong tunnel and end up at the dam.
Pretty waterfall.
Hot springs. You had to walk through a cave to get to the springs, it was a bit sketchy because you had to jump over a series of little rocks in the middle of pools of boiling water.

New pieces for Art House Co-op's Scavenger Project

Hey everyone,
I'm back from my travels and have been in the studio working on a series of pieces for Art House Co-Op's Scavenger Project. I also currently have a piece showing at Ghost Gallery through the end of April.