Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Quintet of Quays this Saturday. Or: Come Hear Me Read About How Giant Sloths Are Super Hot

I am still very bad at actually telling people about things I am participating in. But in the interest of not starting every post with an apology for not posting, I'll cut right to it: for those of you who live in Seattle, I'm reading this Saturday, January 26th as part of A Quintet of Quays, AKA the third installment of the Greenwood Lit Crawl.

I go on at approximately 8:40 at Naked City Taphouse (I am super excited to be sharing the bill with the always-awesome David Lasky!), full lineup and addresses here:

I. 5:20-6:10 PM – Chocolati 8319 Greenwood Ave. N
Aaron Kokorowski, Amy Billharz, Morris Stegosaurus
II. 6:20-7:10 – Couth Buzzard 8310 Greenwood Ave. N
Aaron Kemply, Arlene Kim, Theo Dzielak
III. 7:20 -7:30 – outdoor presentation Molly Mac
IV. 7:35 -8:30 – Bherd Studios 312 N. 85th St. Suite 101 
Emily Wittenhagen, Queequeg, Doug Nufer
V. 8:40 -9:30 – Naked City Brewery 8564 Greenwood Ave. N
Tessa Hulls, Joun Burgess, David Lasky, Karen Finneyfrock

When I got asked to do this reading, I started going for long walks and photographing strange signs I came across with the intention of using their text to write place-based poems. But that didn't end up happening, and instead I got really obsessed with one sign at the Woodland Park Zoo:

I have written and illustrated a trio of short stories about just what might have happened to lead to the necessity of that sign being posted. They're about the apocalypse, space exploration, and extinct megafauna, and one of them turned into a completely NSFW piece of erotica about natural history museums. Yup. It's illustrated. Here are some sneak preview images: 

Hope to see you guys there! Here's the FB invite.


  1. Tessa, you crack me up, especially with "a completely NSFW piece of erotica about natural history museums". Hope you're doing splendid.

  2. Thanks! I am doing splendidly-- am working on all sorts of verrryyyyyy silly projects. It's so much fun to not take myself seriously.