Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Open studio coming up this Friday, solo show the following Friday

I'm currently sitting at my kitchen table surrounded by massive piles of mat board and picture frames. Go go gadget framing party! Gasworks Gallery is having its quarterly open studio party this Friday, March 5th from 8-10pm. I'll be opening up my cozy little workspace and letting everyone take a peek at what I've been making. Come check out the open studio, our gallery is home to 20+ artists working in a variety of mediums, and there should be a lot of neat work to peruse and interesting people to meet. Gasworks Gallery is located at 3815 4th Avenue NE, right across the street from Ivar's, and my studio is in the lower lever all the way at the end of the very, very long hallway.
More info:

I also have a solo show coming up next Friday, March 12th, at Urban Light Studios in Greenwood. I'm very, very excited about this show for a few different reasons. First, I will be covering 56 feet of wall space! As most of you know, I tend to work pretty small (it might be more accurate to say almost masochistically small): at first I was a little daunted by the prospect of filling such a large space, but I work well with deadlines and have been an extremely industrious panda and will be showing 15 completely new works from the last 3 months!
Secondly, Urban Light Studios is an awesome venue. The gallery is part of the Greenwood Collective, and the space includes (but is not limited to):

-a giant taxidermed lion!
-a room carpeted in astro turf!
-a room made from the log cabin set of the TV show Northern Exposure!

I strongly suggest you come check it out, the Greenwood Collective is also home to Bherd Studios, and they'll be hosting an opening as well. More info:

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