Thursday, March 4, 2010

Organization and collection a day

There is huge divide between how organized I would like to be and how organized I actually am. I'm actually very responsible and good with deadlines, and this sometimes leaves people with the mistaken impression that I have some sort of methodical, efficient system for how I work. Heh. Not true. I tend to make 3 times as much mess as a normal human being whenever I make anything. I clean up when I'm done, but the work in progress state is a little ridiculous. My drafting table is the size of a small country, and I manage to leave the whole thing looking like the victim of a very colorful apocalypse.
I'd like to be someone who keeps my brushes meticulously arranged according to size, and who keeps detailed notes of the ratios of paint I mix so that I can recreate specific colors. I would love to finish one thing before I start the next and neatly put things back where they belong. I am sure that organized artist exists somewhere deep down inside of me, but she seems to only appear in sporadic, slightly manic bursts of cleaning and rearranging that, for all their good intentions, invariably lapse quickly back into chaos.
In spite of my inability to maintain any lasting sense of organization, I often procrastinate by organizing things that don't really need to be organized. My favorite form of procrastination is arranging all my supplies according to color. I have a little shelf for all my paints, and when I'm not getting much done, I group them into color families to give myself a corporeal sense of accomplishment. There is nothing that I find more satisfying than getting a brand new set of paints or colored pencils where everything is shiny and clean and perfectly arranged in a color spectrum. I almost hesitate to use new supplies because I know they'll never be that pretty again! I stumbled across this blog and it really spoke to the organized, slightly OCD artist that lives somewhere deep, deep beneath my veneer of chaos. I love these little collections, they are like sushi for the eyes: each little piece is self contained, but the arrangement of the whole is so visually satisfying that these collections become so much more than the sum of their parts. I kind of want to wallpaper my studio in these!

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