Friday, May 28, 2010

Come to our Backyard Spectacular!

I've been working on all sorts of things of late, I have just been neglecting to take any pictures of my projects. I promise I will post pictures soon, I've been making puppets! I have a mostly completed sea monster kitty, a gessoed and ready to paint chicken, and a rhinoceros in progress. I am having some trouble with the rhino because every time I try to draw his face he ends up looking like a triceratops. Which, I guess, is actually pretty damn close to a rhino. Anyways, I'm sure I'll work it out somehow.
But today I am posting to show you the flier I made last night. If you live in the Seattle area, do come on over for our Backyard Spectacular. My friend Teddy wrote an awesome play, and we'll be performing it at dusk for your viewing pleasure. I was going for an Edward Gorey theme in this poster, but I think that's pretty self evident. A special thanks to this guy who made the awesome Gorey font! I've always admired Gorey's handwriting.

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