Wednesday, June 2, 2010


As promised, here are some pictures of the puppets I've been working on. This is my kitty, he's also a little bit like a sea monster. Base coat is on, still needs a lot of detail work. I also ended up having to add in a few extra leg joints, so he's still very much a work in progress. I'm really excited that quinacridone magenta is starting to creep its way back into my color palette. I got myself pretty burned out on it a few years ago (it's an intense color and tends to dominate any and every other paint it's mixed with), but I love how crazy saturated it looks and have been trying to find a way to reintroduce it in my work.

This is how the puppet is put together on the back. Bill figured out most of the logistics in terms of where to put the joints, and he had the brilliant idea to use rubber bands as springs so the limbs spring back into position. The joints are made with 2mm machine screws, and the strings are routed through really tiny eyelets. Detail of joints. Here's another puppet in progress. Not sure how I'm going to paint this one, still undecided as to whether Mr. Chicken will be wearing a dapper vest/costume, or just have feathers. I also have no idea what I'm making these for, I figure once we have enough put together, a puppet show will more or less write itself.
Also, here's a work in progress shot of a big piece I'm working on. I'm really excited about these sea monster kitty creatures that seems to be making their way into my work!

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