Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Opening this Saturday at Monster, delicious dumplings, a mural

Getting anything productive done during the Thanksgiving-New Year holiday corridor is more or less impossible. It's like six weeks are just lost to the Bermuda Triangle. Somehow, in spite of feeling like time has been slipping away, I have managed to make all sorts of new paintings during the last few months, and I'm going to show them all to you this Saturday! I'll be showing my new works at Monster Art and Clothing as part of the Ballard art walk, and there will be catered snacks, a guest aerialist, and general shennanigans all around.

I'm also currently showing with Justin Kane Elder at newly opened restaurant Revel/Quoin in Fremont. Here are a few reasons to go check it out:
1. The bar makes an amazing Manhattan
2. The architecture is beautiful
3. Justin's work is incredible and you will be totally in awe of the fact that it is all spraypaint
4. DUMPLINGS! RIDICULOUSLY DELICIOUS DUMPLINGS! Granted I am biased because dumplings are pretty much a religious experience in my book, but seriously go eat them.

In other art updates, I'm hopefully going down to Portland next week to paint a mural. It's been a looooonnnngggg time since I last worked on a mural, and I'm super excited at the prospect of working on a large scale again! There's something extremely satisfying about painting directly on a wall and creating something that interacts so directly with viewers.


  1. Where where where in Portland is the mural-to-be?

  2. It's at Puppet Labs, a tech start up company in the pearl. It's unfortunately an indoor mural so you can't go take a peek, but I'll be posting pictures soon!