Sunday, May 29, 2011

Horse farm!

I crossed into Pennsylvania yesterday and had only gone about two miles before seeing my first Amish horse drawn wagon.

The scenery here is absolutely beautiful, although bucolic rolling hills are way more fun to look at than ride over. They're deceptively steep around these parts.

I passed this gorgeous old mill house on this morning's ride.

So after going down an extremely steep gravel hill, I got to a sign warning me that the road was closed 1000 yards ahead. I decided to continue down the hill, assuming that whatever meant closed to a car would be navigable by bike.
That turned out to be... True, but only because I am extremely stubborn. Turns out there was an only partially finished bridge over a river, so I did the only natural thing and carried my bike over the construction barrier, and then took my saddlebags off and carried everything down the construction scaffolding. It takes a lot to stop a determined bicycle!

Now I'm staying with a friend's family on their awesome horse farm!

Location:Downingtown Pike,West Chester,United States

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