Saturday, May 28, 2011

I have a new least favorite activity: trying to bike north out of DC. Particularly at rush hour on the Friday of a holiday weekend. I had plans to just casually put in a half day of riding and get myself out of the suburbs, but I ended up completely mired in urban traffic and made painfully slow progress. But! I finally made it to the outskirts and saw an ale house, and decided that beer and fish and chips would greatly improve my day.

I ended up meeting two hilarious cousins, both named Buck, who let me stay at their house. They were preparing for their 10th annual epic memorial day crab feed, and had an array of festive hats for the occasion. It was very tempting to stick around til Sunday for the festivities, as crab is pretty much my favorite thing in the world, but I still have too much restless momentum.

The two Bucks.

Why can't they just come out and say speed bump?

Pretty series of locks that I biked on in my attempt to get out of DC. Would have liked them more if they hadn't carried me west instead of northeast...

I imagine the conversation that led to spotsylvania went something like this:
"Hey! This is a nice spot, we should make a town here."
"Yeah! It is a nice spot. We can name it Spotsville."
"That sounds silly, we want something more imposing, more... exotic."
"How about Spotsylvania?"

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