Monday, December 5, 2011

Two Months

 I realized this morning that I've now been in Antarctica for two months. Two months of stepping outside and looking at views like this, and it still renders me speechless every time. Which, I think, is exactly how it should be. Sometimes it seems like I've been here for three days, and other times it seems like at least nine months. Time becomes pretty subjective when you haven't seen sunrise, sunset or stars in 60 days.

My dad recently forwarded me this amazing Herbert Ponting Antarctic photograph. I would love to get to see something like this-- if only I could, say, be down here on the artists and writers grant... I'm just going to just keep mentioning this repeatedly in the hopes that the universe, as it is sometimes wont to do, might deliver if I ask it enough.
It's my day off and I'm currently camped out in the coffee shop working on six (I mean this literally, not figuratively) different art/writing projects, so I'm going to get back to those and just quickly post some images of various things I've been working on. And let's face it-- people just look at blogs for the pictures, right?
Poster design for Freezing Man, which is exactly what it sounds like. 
Poster design for the Fuels department's Mad Max Party, which I am RIDICULOUSLY excited about because I LOVE anything having to do with the apocalypse.  I have been skuaing various portions of my costume for weeks.
 My own submission for Under the Bed Gallery's "These Things Have Come to Seem Normal" show.
I'm also ostensibly writing a comic strip called "Family Meal" about dumb/silly things that happen in the kitchen down here.

OK! Back to work! And thanks to everyone who has gotten in touch about Under the Bed. Get those submissions in!

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