Monday, November 28, 2011

Antarctic Call for Artists! Under the Bed Gallery

Why hello there people reading this thing. I know there are actually a fair amount of you, because a few days ago someone told me that I could check visitor stats, and apparently I am not just rambling to myself on the internet (Hi four people from Russia! We probably live in similar climates!).

I've always been a bit uncomfortable with blogging because it seems a bit self aggrandizing and one sided, and I much prefer to communicate in ways that involve interaction. But I have come up with a way to make this a bit more participatory, and I've started something that I want all of YOU to be a part of.

The notion of collaboration has been on my mind a lot of late, and I have been mulling over ways to share the bizarre magic of this environment from afar. Inspired by such lovely endeavors as NEPO house, Vignettes and The Telephone Room, I am pleased to announce that I have founded the Under the Bed Gallery here at McMurdo Station, Ross Island Ice Shelf, Antarctica.

I’m currently putting together the inaugural local show “These things have come to seem normal after living this long on the ice” (for example: the fact that the discovery of a fruit fly is exciting enough to stop dinner conversations, routinely wearing shoes that have pressure valves to regulate insulating air pockets, eating 6 desserts a day, bartering with produce, and speaking entirely in acronyms), and am hoping that you lovely folks will participate in my upcoming February show, "Outside Notions of Antarctica."

I’m looking for your ideas of Antarctica—informed, idealized, or entirely fabricated. Any and all mediums happily accepted, so long as 1. you can ship it to me without violating customs agreements and 2. it’s small. As you might imagine based on the name, Under the Bed Gallery has limited space, so please keep 2D submissions to 8.5”x11” or smaller, and with 3D pieces… well, be reasonable. And know that anything shipped in a box takes a very, very long time to get down here. Feel free to submit poems, prose or any sort of audio, and if you have a performance piece that I can somehow make happen, let’s chat.

Send submissions to:
Tessa Hulls, NANA
McMurdo Station
PSC 469 Box 700
APO AP 96599

ALL SUBMISSIONS MUST BE POSTMARKED BY JANUARY 1, 2012!! Delivery times are wildly inconsistent down here, so it’s best to err on the side of caution. If you would like your piece returned, please include appropriate shipping and handling. Otherwise (and this strikes me as a much more mutually beneficial arrangement), I will install it somewhere strange down here and send you a picture of its new icy home.

If you would like to collaborate in other ways, chances are I will be very excited about any ideas you might happen to have… Want me to wear a People's Republic of Cascadia scarf and spread the word about the Northwest secessionist movement? Leave a copy of your book in the library? Send you a picture of something strange and provide you with absolutely no context? Shout your poem out to a seal? I'm probably down.

Please spread the word to interested parties! 

Under the Bed is currently set up as my studio. Here's a picture; it's quite cozy... I spend a lot of time down here.


  1. I would love to send you something, but since I have been doing nothing but breathing, eating and dreaming about working on the ice - I don't think I have any misconceptions left. (hubby and I are applying this spring!!) Sincerely, I have read 2 books, follow 25+ blogs, and engage in the most current ice message board online.

    That said, I already sent you a hand-collaged postcard about a week and a half ago. It was going to be a surprise, but I didn't want you to confuse it with your call for submissions. :)

    I love that there is another artist on the ice right now. I considered applying for the artist grant - but thought my chances would be better if I just got more standard employment. (Im hoping for something clerical)

    You really do bring a unique perspective to life down there, with your artists filter. (and I say this with some authority - having read 25 other bloggers!)

    I hope you continue to find time to share your art journal/comic pieces - I am LOVING them. :)

  2. Hey Tessa,

    Where does your internet come from? Satellites? An undersea cable to New Zealand? Where? If you can find out, I may send you a project based on that.


  3. Thanks so much for the lovely comments, Tau! I took a peek at your site and really like the Klimt inspired series. I highly recommend coming down here, it's an incredibly fascinating environment. And I'm definitely trying to find out more about the logistics of the artists and writers program while down here... :)

  4. Rob-- Hmmm that is a good question. I will ask and get back to you.

  5. Rob-- satellite! Can't wait to see what you make.

  6. I've actually been giving this a lot of thought. I'm working on a jazz piece about Antarctica. I have no idea if it'll actually be done in any kind of tangible/listenable form before the project's up, but you should know you're in my head ...

  7. Tessa- I recently happened to discover you and your work- love it. I also really like this idea for the "Under the Bed" show. I definitely have something coming your way! How fun is it to say you have art work in Antarctica?
    This is perfect because I had just started a project that is along the lines... and you are from Seattle, I live in Seattle, I am hoping to feel a more community feeling around here, so: it's a pleasure to "meet you".

  8. Jared-- Glad you're mulling it over! You get some extra time if you're working in audio because you can just email the final product to me. I'm expecting to have the opening around the beginning of february, because it can take up to a month for things to get here.

  9. Elephanta, we'll have to grab a drink when I'm back in Seattle! I always love meeting other artists.