Thursday, March 10, 2011

Postin from my fancy phone!

Hello all! I'm currently sitting in a police station (charging my phone, not because I got in trouble for having shorts that are too flamingly bright pink) in el centro California. I'm about 120 miles outside of San Diego and it's been a crreaaaazzzzyyyyy few days of extremely steep climbs. I went up 4000 feet averaging about 3 miles an hour because it was seriously that steep and there were insane headwinds.

I coincidentally ran into two awesome folks going the same route as me, so we joined forces for the last few days. Anyways, I know that all anyone ever wants is pictures and this tiny typing is annoying, so here--

My faithful steed at Redondo Beach. It neglected to go swimming.

My failure to effectively apply sunscreen. I put sunscreen on three times this day! My theory is that since my Seattle skin has seen no sun in a season (yay alliteration), there was simply no avoiding it.

See that big fence in the background? That's the mexican border. My route took me about 150 yards away from it. There are lots of helicopters all the time.

A guy by the side of the road was selling avocados 5 for a dollar. Clearly the only thing to be done was to fill my handlebar bag with them.

The road we were on today was full of potholes like woah. Funny thing is, the locals told us we were super lucky because it had just been fixed last year and was in great shape. This is what my hands looked like after 20 miles on this crazy bumpy road. My head kinda feels all shaken up too.

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