Sunday, June 19, 2011

got stuck in New York for almost two weeks

Howdy everyone. Once again, sorry for the lack of posts. My 3-4 days in New York ended up turning into almost two weeks, and since then I've been traipsing through rural areas with spotty internet. I ended up pretty thoroughly back in urban nocturnal mode while in New York. Here are some pictures that encapsulate my two weeks off my bike:

Gotta love a city where you can eat street tacos, drink on the street fairly cavalierly, and more or less not wear pants without people looking at you like you're crazy.

3 AM mango juice chugging in the name of hangover avoidance.

3 AM quesadilla scarfing also in the name of hangover avoidance.

Biking out of NYC turned out to be unexpectedly awesome, although I did do another round of unintentional mountain biking. The trail I was following disappeared into a forest, and I got myself totally covered in mud. It was pretty great!

My friend Molly gave my navigator a going away present. I'm keeping it for when I really need it.

Sadly, this place was closed when I biked by. I was really curious.

I ended up in Quechee, Vermont helping park cars at a hot air balloon festival.

I stayed with a friend of a friend in White River Junction, Vermont. She had recently started up an intentional community with a hugely ambitious series of gardens, so I put myself to good use on my rest days. I've been wanting to visit Vermont for a while, as I've always found that I get along splendidly with people from Vermont. The state completely lived up to my expectations, and I managed to garden and jump in a river every day that I was there.

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