Monday, June 6, 2011

Interview is up!

Howdy everyone. I've been in New York for.... jeez, almost a week now. Time just rushes on by here, and I've been having a really incredible time hanging out with artists and musicians and generally getting to feel totally surrounded by an insane, vibrant creative community. I've been working on some of the art responsibilities that I've been ignoring on this trip, and so I have art news to post about.

I recently was asked to participate in an extremely awesome project being orchestrated by New York journalist Gaby Dunn. Gaby made a list of 100 people she's never had a conversation with-- it's a diverse list, including someone who pickets at abortion clinics, a one hit wonder, someone who has been left at the alter, Stephen Colbert, and a whole lot more-- and I was very happy to be #49: Someone with a gallery showing of their art. Check out the interview here! 

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