Friday, June 3, 2011

Finally another round of pictures

 Grave marker in the desert. 
Weird sculpture out in West Texas. The carapace is an old chainsaw. 

I went to a really bizarre place called the Museum of Ephemerata while I was in Austin. This is a memorial necklace of woven hair from the early 1900's. 

 Collection of strange taxidermy, also at the Museum of Ephemerata. 

 New Orleans
  New Orleans
  New Orleans
  New Orleans
  New Orleans
 This telephone pole has clearly been home to many, many fliers. 
  New Orleans
  New Orleans
 Biking along the Gulf Coast. Absolutely stunning. Hit some awesome tailwinds and just soared along the beach for 20 miles. 
This place was amazing! The name pretty much says all. I ate two different kinds of pie for breakfast: peach and goat cheese pie is, it turns out, fabulous. 

 Tornado damage in Tuscaloosa.
 More Tuscaloosa. Huge portions of the city looked like this for as far as you could see. 

 Silver Comet bike trail between Georgia and Atlanta. Awesome!
Pretty barn.
 It seems the ivy is winning. 
 My favorite time of day to ride is early in the morning before all the mist has cleared. 
 I would love to know the story behind this. 

Crazy dam I biked over. 

 My friend Claire's wonderful family. We had a delicious salmon dinner and apple pie. 

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